Problem with IF Live

There is a problem with purchase of a subscription of IF Live. A payment method - mobile communication.


Third picture: translate from Russian.
You already have this application

My account order history

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May we have more informations, such as

  • Which device and operating system are you using?
  • Have your device been modified before?

So we can help you further? Thanks

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Android OS, 4,2,2
last version, 16.13.0


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Have your device been modified (jailbroken) before? As Jailbroken devices usually have higher chances of getting issues until the worst case, no longer able to play the simulator anymore

Have you restored purchases by any means?

Unfortunately, Restore Purchase isn’t available on Android users. It’s only available for iOS users :)

I already had the same problem! You must must contact @Tyler_Shelton he can help you with purchase problems, also it can be an problem between Infinity Flight and the playstore like it was be me. So you must contact the playstore and the clear the problem.

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If you have a receipt of any kind, it would also help to show it to @Tyler_Shelton . Good luck and please tell us if it works :)


Have you tried tapping ”I already have a subscription”?

sure, result on second picture

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