Problem with IF-Assistant

I used IF-A to step climb but when I woke up my plane had crashed and I received 3 violations. When I checked the replay it appears that the throttle was disconnected which caused my plane to stall and crash. I don’t think I deserved those 3 violations since it’s not my fault that my plane stalled and crashed. Why did this happen and is there any way I can appeal for those 3 violations?

The only scenario I can imagine is, that another device opened your IF account while you were flying

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You can write @appeals a dm to get your case reviewed though

Just remember to have your replay ready. :)

Chances are you used step climb incorrecty, which either made the aircraft climb too fast, or too high given the weight of the aircraft, causing a stall resulting in a crash.

It’s clearly stated that IF-A isn’t as advanced as an FMC. It’s a basic that tool you need to learn to work with and it involves risks.

There should be a pilot in the cockpit to monitor the instruments and automation at any time during a flight.
The fact that you went to sleep and let automation handle it, makes it pilot error.

Since it’s your choice to use a third-party app, and IF has nothing to do with it, there’s no chance of these violations being removed.


That’s exactly why I used it, to step climb while i’m sleeping.

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You really need to be carefull not to exceed VS and the max alt for a certain weight.

When I checked the replay the plane didn’t climb at all. The throttle simply disconnected and I stalled and I crash. I want to know why the throttle disconnected.

So the aircraft just throttled back?

IF-A isn’t able to do that, unless you set the wrong speed for a certain waypoint, but it wouldn’t disconnect.

That’s exactly it.

Did you run out of fuel?

@appeals is for L2/3 violations only. @moderators would be the best people to contact :)

Also, it’s pretty impossible how IF-A made your plane crash :/

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IF only disconnects the AP when it can’t maintain the settings, like in a stall.
So if the VS or max alt for your weight wasn’t exceeded, IF-A had nothing to do with it.
That would make the title of this topic incorrect.

I look at the fixes in simbrief to see whether I need to step climb or not, simbrief is an accurate tool for step climbing. Would step climb at your discretion at your own risk

It is possible when used incorrectly.

Maybe he climbed too high and stalled.

First thing I mentioned:

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I have an idea here - do you set any speeds to IFAs VNAV option? Maybe accidentally you clicked set speed and it automatically set it to 0. That maybe the case.

That happened to me today. There were 3 airports left to complete the journey around the world. That made me so mad. Do you know how to proceed?

Same for me, did a flight from LFPG to KJFK whit the 777. After an initial climb to 360 the throttle went back after 15 min. I had planned a stepclimb to 400 during the fligh whit help of In-flight Assistent. This might be the problem…