Problem with high altitude Short final spawn

So I realised this a few months ago but it kind of bothers me.
My problem is that when spawning in in Short Finla in a High Altitude airport, the aircraft spawns in the air too slow.
When trying to train for good landings it is pretty annoying as the aircraft just drops to the ground
In Leh Airbase, I wanted to try landing the 772 and it was completely impossible as the aircraft spawns at 107 kts and therefore stalls whatever the weight of the aircraft.

The Landing weight here is not good but I tried with 26% load and result is absolutely the same
I think it is not my device the issue more of a certain setting of Infinite Flight.
I just wanted to know if there is something I can do. Thank you!

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I would assume because you are up higher and you need more airspeed it does this. Have you tried instead of doing short final, just doing approach instead?

Before you even go into solo, click approach which is farther away from the runway, this should combat this and allow you to set up the aircraft for arrival.


This is a known issue that’s consistent at all altitudes. You just notice it more at high altitudes. It’s been reported already but we don’t know if or when a fix is coming just yet


You have 228 tons of weight and 100 knots of speed on a Boeing 777, it is quite normal that you stall.

Yes yes but mass is not the problem, it’s the spawn speed

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Happens to me to in airport at Sea level. You can change the load but it reverts back to a higher load at each spawn.

Full power straight away, try set your attitude to 10° max or you will stall much sooner and hold it, it will take 2 to 3 seconds for the power to come up and then slowly decrease your attitude and then lower your power.

It usually works but obviously weight and altitude will win in most cases and you’ll land short or overshoot so power and attitude is key.


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