Problem with HDG

Hey guys, sorry im new with this game. I have some question, when im on final, i press the APPR button to make an auto landing, but, my plane keep yawing left and right, when i look at the HDG, the number keeps changing rapidly, example: 223-222-223-222-223.

Can anyone suggest any good steps for auto landing? Doest my FPL need to click the arrival airport? Bcause i usually clicks on the airport runway

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Maybe it’s because you are in the middle of heading 222 and 223

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No, Approach mode has been acting up recently, landing with 0 wind or any wind anywhere makes it go screwy. I mean, it rapidly switches between 92 and 100 when landing on 10 in KTPA and it’s supposed to be on 96. It doesn’t work right.


@CaptHazwan… MaxSez: Calabrate before each hop before you taxi, see if that helps,

And you have to select on wich runway you want to land on.

But first you need to intercept the ILS or GPS signal. The triangle should be almost beside the rectangle. It shouldn’t flash before pressing the APPR button.

This is just the plane trying to line up with the runway :)

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The problem is that it doesn’t line up, it wobbles around too much to be working properly.

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Its probably because you are too far away from the airport, activate it at around 4NM away from your destination

Have you read this topic? It might help.


On final approach, at about 2500 ft, I activate APP mode. I am almost perfectly lined up, with the square and the line at the bottom. I press APP and it works for about 30 seconds, then decides that the heading is wrong and moves right, then adjusts back left, then back right, and soon it’s making 20 degree roll turns at rapid pace.

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If you’re well aligned with the runway, at the correct ILS altitude, with a reasonable speed set and not too much wind/turbulence you shouldn’t have any issues. It works for me. Is there a specific aircraft that this happens with?

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I have the same problem… it does the s manuever all the way down to the runway, super annoying.

I always check these 3 things before I activate APPR Mode:

1: Wait until you are in the red/grey final marker for the runway you are landing on on your map.

2: I have selected the correct runway and it has a * next to it in the runway selection spot to the right of the localizer.

3: I have intercepted the Localizer and Glide Slope.

Although APPR as well as just autopilot in general has messed up for me in the past, but it shouldn’t be messing up each and every time. I will typically encounter a problem with the APPR or Autopilot every 5-10 flights.

My most common problem is when I set the Altitude and VS, the plane will sway up and down non stop like it is trying to get back to the right VS, but overcorrects. This mostly only happens on Decent, but has happened in Climb too.

I don’t use APPR for this reason, I just do manual approach and land


Same. In reality, most times APPR is not needed, unless the weather is bad.

By the bottom right, it says a runway number, make sure its the one your lined up with

A320. It was the spirit livery.

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Try to land by yourself. It’s harder at the beginning but it gives you more satisfaction at the end

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I can land myself guys, in real life and in this sim.view use approach because I usually take long finals which can be boring. What I’m saying is that there is a legitimate problem with Approach mode. I have the correct runway lined up. I activate when within the bounds of the approach. The aircraft just swings back and forth over correcting itself.


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