Problem with ground control

Hey there!
Since the new update is out, I have a problem with controling my aircraft on ground when i am faster than 100 kt.
So when I want to take of or land, i can´t steer to the left or right. That´s very bad because for example when I land with crosswind, I can´t align my aircraft to the center line after touchdown!

Has anyone else this problem? Is there a solution for this problem?

I would be happy about every answer!



Hi there! The rudder is your friend, use it to keep yourself centered on the runway.


The update introduced new physics on steering. In other words if you want to turn your nose wheel, you need to slow down. As your speed increases, so does the difficulty steering on the ground.

This means that your positioning on landing is more critical if you want that centerline.


Lol I noticed that last weekend. No problem for me. ;)

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Hi there

To add the rudder is a bit more stiff at higher ground speeds which is a great feature as some had problems controlling while on the ground before

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Ah okay!
I didn´t know that
Thanks to all of you for your answers. They were very helpful for me :)

Yep. Me too I just noticed it.

my trick for light aircraft (<757/a321) is to turn in air last second and touch down but for a good landing in a heavy one i usually touch down downwind of centerline then with my nose in the air i use the rudder to straighten out and once im straight i am on the center line then i put my nose down.

I have exactly the same issue and as you said, on crosswind landings…it’s very hard or impossible to stay on the runway let alone the centerline…glad someone mentioned this…

The faster you go the more harder it is to turn. Try to line up with the runway before touching down.

Yep. This happens to me all the time

How can you slow down in time with an approach speed of 135 - 145, and with a crosswind and your aircraft pointing into the wind for correction,by the time the main gear touches the runway, you are already going off the runway. Am i supposed to land withe brakes on and slam the nose gear onto the ground and hope for the best so that i can reach a desired speed that i can steer the aircraft and NOT look silly on nearly every landing? It’s very difficult to use rudder for correct on short final and still maintain centerline for a good landing.

Proper/“Good landing” = Good approach. Good approach = Proper speed and configuration for landing. That’s where it all starts.

I too have experienced this since the new update, so it’s a level playing field across the board for everyone.

Keep fiddling away, you’ll figure it out.

You either adjust your yaw to align with the runway just prior to main gear or nose gear touchdown. It’s not that hard really :)

I was skeptical at first when this was changed during testing, but I can’t say it bothers me at all anymore. It’s just a new thing to learn.


if im in a large aircraft (larger than 757/a321) i touch down downwind of the center line and then straighten out to which point i am usually on the centerline then i put the nose down

I agree that on takeoff it’s not controllable at all when you reach a certain speed which is annoying but landing is fine. I prefer it more now.

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That is exactly my point…i am correctly adjust or crabbing to compensate for the wind all the way down to main gear touch down…but no matter how much rudder i use to keep from knocking out the the runway lights…it’s a fight all the way until i reach the magic numbers of under 100kts or 80kys…whatever it is set at. so this means ugly landing from here on out

I can’t say i understand how you’re able to end up in that situation… If i put her down straight, she stays that way.

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Keep practicing with crosswinds if you’re finding yourself having issues, crosswinds aren’t ideal but they are very real in real world aviation.

To avoid getting violations practice runway landings on solomode using rudder control to keep the plane straight on the center line and then steer the aircraft once you’ve landed.

Make sure you’ve deployed your flaps and spoilers as this will reduce your speed by a lot!

Extra Question: are you using AutoPilot for the heading when you land ? This may cause an issue in crosswinds

@ServerGhost whether i use auto-pilot or not or in solo-mode or not…the result is still the same from crosswind landing…you cannot steer the plane on the runway at speeds over 80-100kts…whatever you guys did, makes the rudder WAY too stiff to keep the plane from going off the side of the runway…i guess this is wasted breath here…oh well