Problem with Graphics

Hello! I’ve departed from FRA to LHR, in the cruise time I set the grafichs to Low but now when I’m approaching LHR when I set it back to good grafichs the scenery is white

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Do you have a stable internet connection?

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Yes… When I set the rendering to High its white

Try clearing your scenery cache.

Try to clear the scenery cache

Did it… Not helping

Ok, you were faster😂 @SimpleWaffles

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LOL I did it and it’s still the same

what device?

Teclast T10

Have you completed your flight yet? If so, try to restart the app and see what happens

Nah I didn’t finish

does this always happen

No it’s the first time

I would finish your flight first then we can continue to find a good solution to this issue

OK I’ll update when I’m finished

Turn on flight mode for some seconds and turn it off again

is anything such as plane or airport different

Do not do that. Let’s just finish the flight as I said before so we can find a easier solution. I do not want him to loose his flight progress for something can be fixed after the flight (:

When I had a kind of issue like that, I did this and it helped.