Problem with grade 3

I want to know my ID has already got 40k xp and more than 40 landing why the grade haven’t come up

Could we see your grade table? How many violations have you had?

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Yup u might check first ur grade table, maybe u didn’t reached the specified requirements

You need 50 landings for Grade 3!

Can we see your garde table as it may be your violation to landing ratio which is keeping you doen

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I just want to leave a tip, do not be in a hurry to reach the highest level, you must acquire enough experience and knowledge both in the game and in aviation, learning the basic rules of aviation and the forum provides you with the best possible help.
So when you get to the expert server (grade 3) you will not disturb anyone, you probably can not get to level 3 because of the amount of violation you must have.
reminding you that here you will find all necessary help in relation to the game and aviation, a good pilot learn every day
I am a pilot student and I am in my last year of training and I am willing to help you if you need

One thing I don’t like about the grading system is that it absolutely doesn’t represent your skill as soon as you reach Grade 3.

See, I used to be Grade 5. But since I simply don’t have the time to keep my landing rate up, I dropped back to Grate 3. Does that make me less good?

However, to answer your question:

Click on the little exclamation mark and you find your grade table:

Here you see what is missing to get to the next grade. For me, it’s the landing count (seen in yellow)

apparently your chart you have met all the basic requirements to be grade 4 except the condition of 100 landings for 90 days.
To have your grade 4, you must have 100 landings or more.

@Marc was showing and example of the grade screen. He is not the one with the question.


I reach already Screenshot_20190112_201704

Its to do with your Violations. You’ve had 12 Violations in the last 7 days, Grade 3 requires you to have 3 or less. It could also to do with your Landing/Violation ratio, however we cannot see this to determine it.


Your violations for the past 7 days are too high. You can get violations for doing things like taxiing too fast, or going above 250kts airspeed below 10,000ft. If you don’t accrue any more violations over the next week, you will be grade three in no time!


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