Problem with grade 3

Hi everyone,
How to upgrade to grade 3 while i have 40000 xp on my last fly!
Answer please.

Please provide a screenshot of your grade table. Grades are not just dictated by XP.


How many violations and ghostings do you have (all time)? You can check it on

You can check if you are still eligible on

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You are not Grade 3 due to having too many violations - if you look on the far right it shows your stats, and as you can see under ‘Max Violations’ you have 7, but the maximum allowed for Grade 3 is 3 Violations.

You sir are a very naughty boy and are suspended from the expert server till you stop breaking the laws the FAA set down to keep you safe.


Oh cheat,What is the solution please?


Do not taxi faster than 35 knots on the taxiway. Do not go faster than 250 knots airspeed below 10,000. Don’t risk the lives of others by doing back flips above them. Do not try to land a 747 at Lukla and if you do, please do not sit on the runway for more than 60 seconds. You’re blocking C208 trying to takeoff


If i wait it will be ok?

Wait 7 days without breaking those rules and you will be welcomed into the expert server with welcome arms. However if you break too many rules again you will be kicked out for a short time. There has also been some recent changes. That are also part of the rules.

Lots of rules I know xD However we only want the best of the best pilots on expert

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Ok undestood.
Il wait a little bit.
Thank you for your answer.
Another question do you have a tutorial for flight plan and appr.
I want to perform it.

There is tutorials on infinite flight youtube channel…

There’s a tutorial section in this community. Go check it out. Tutorial for using APPR(autoland) is here 👇

Here is a useful tutorial for filing flight plans:

Feel free to create a new topic or PM me if you have any further questions. This derailed a bit.