problem with fuel during the flight

I have a question about the fuel consumption!
So at the moment I am flying a Boing 747. This flight has a flight time of 10 hours. I loaded 18 hours of fuel (don´t ask why) and now I´m on cruise level but only have fuel for 9 hours?

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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How do You know You have loaded 18h of fuel? I’m sorry if I have missed something but yeah.

Optimizing fuel consumption is easy, my primary suggestion is looking up the cruise altitudes and cruise speeds on Google.

Last thing would be to use suggestions made by Chris the moderator in His thread that I cannot find… I’ll try my best to do so and will update this post.

As you burn fuel you will get lighter, which will mean you need less thrust to maintain level flight so your fuel flow will go down. This means you can gain extra time. If you step climb as well you can fly for even longer.


Oh okay! Thanks for your answer :)

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Hi ignas!
Thanks for your help. This guide will help me a lot :)

I know that I have loaded 18h of fuel because you can see that on the weight & balance screen ingame

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Check out this website, it is very useful for fuel planning especially on long haul and ultra long haul flights. I use it fairly often and it’s worked for me every time :)

Also as said above try step climbing, you’ll save a lot more fuel and research your cruise speeds and altitudes for higher efficiency


Thanks for clearing that up!

Improving My Aircraft Endurance/Extending Range Is what You want to utilize when in an emergency situation and it has some great points covered about fuel itself.

P.S. Welcome to the community!

It is also worth noting that due to weight, you shouldn’t be flying as high or as fast as your normal cruise initially.

So, if you’re a heavy bird trot along at FL280 and M0.80 for the first hour or 2, then step your climb up to 300, 320, 340 until you reach your required cruise. Speed should increase as you go up too.

Check out this tutorial for a better explanation.

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The 747 fuel thing is off I had the same problem months ago

Your plane is way to heavy. That’s why. More you fly the more fuel you burn which means lighter your plane will become and then you will have more fuel.

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