Problem with flying in Global.

why i can’t play the fly on Paris and Lyon? The screen still loading. And then when i’d like to do a long haul to paris DXB/ to Paris i active the nav mode but when my application leave the game refresh and i must have to do a new game yet. How can i get a long haul without the new parties ??! NEED HELP

I believe the servers are overloaded and are having trouble to load airports best thing to shut down your device then leave leave it for about two hours go read a book, walk, watch a movie, then comeback and see if they are working.

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Hi, maybe try loading into more popular airports such as KLAX and see if your loading times change? Also, please do not exit the app during a flight as that may cause it to restart.

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Either what Daniel said or because you don’t have enough storage

I believe the update according to @flightcast on Twitter is starting to be received by some android devices, if true this could be causing servers to overload again

yes i know but if i’d like to do a long haul example 7hours i can’t stay on my phone 7 hours with NAV mode well!

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I understand, that’s why I fly 14h at a time and go and sleep!

Jokes aside (not really, that’s what I’m doing as I type this), until FDS introduce some form of time warp, staying at your phone for 7 hours or at least leaving it on for that amount of time at this point is the only way that you can fly long distance.

Maybe just try leaving your phone plugged in and do a flight, go to bed and when you wake up land the plane? That’s the easiest way now to do flights more than 10h long.

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Changed your topic title because it was misleading.
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That really is the easiest way, I left my I;ad plugged in all night because of a 14 hour flight

well but my phone gonna die no? lol

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If you don’t want to waste battery go to settings in infinite flight and go to the bottom then turn on low power mode so when you leave your device on for long haul flights you will return to your device and it wound be hot and it will use little power(I suggest you keep it plugged in while doing this)

Leave it plugged in while charging, I think that will ruin your battery long-term but sacrifices need to be made for progress!

Just flew from heathrow to Paris.

why i can’t do a flight Paris to Lyon? Screen still loading gosh

Your problem is that the servers are overloaded. When you do not want to stay on your phone, put it on the charger and keep it on LNAV. Make sure to not turn off your device!! Once you are about to land, you can manually land your plane ;)

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And do not close the app and/or your device. If you do, chances are high that your flight will get aborted.

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