Problem with flying any Airbus Aircraft

I’ve tried so many times to fly an airbus because they provide different airlines than Boeing aircrafts do. Takeoff and landing is usually decently smooth in the aircraft buy trying to ascend and maintain an altitude of say 28,000 ft going the speed limit is impossible. 1) My aircraft AP fails each and every time sending the aircraft down to the bottom of the livery to crash. 2) My NAV when AP is on also fails sending the aircraft in circles. 3) On the off chance that AP semi-works with this aircraft, it constantly bobs up and down the entire flight.

Here is what I have attempted:
-Flying different airbuses to see if that is the issue…
-Deleting and reinstalling the app
-Trying to adjust trim levels/speeds/altitudes

Nothing has worked… It’s sad because I rarely complete a flight enjoyably flying these and cannot participate in events with friends…

Just want to confirm just airbus aircraft

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Can you be make specific and work through the different aircraft and the speeds you were at and alt. All airbus’s are not generalised, most are just like the Boeing aircraft so you would not have it on just one type


There is a known issue with some people bobbing up and down in a few aircraft, and the devs are aware, and working. As for you’re other issues, try making sure truns are large, and gradual for AP, small sharp turns can cause circles. And double check weights, and use step climbs. A few of these sound like possible pilot error to me. Nothing wrong with a few mistakes, but do you ever have these with Boeing Aircraft? None of these issues should be exclusively on Airbus’s…


Yes, only Airbus aircrafts…

It most commonly happens when I begin to level out at 28,000 ft and am going 0.87kts. I’ve messed with it at different altitudes and speeds and has not worked…

I usually do not make any sharp turns. A flight from KLAS to KLAX is a straight shot and I’ve tried flying that route with Airbus’s many times and issue still occurs. What sort of weight should I try to see if that solves it? Also, I apologize but what is “step climbs,” haha I’m a little newer. I’ve never experienced these issues with any Boeing aircraft. For me, this is exclusively airbus’s.

One way to prevent this is to climb with onlu V/S A/P, and Level off at Cruise

There is the issue. You shouldn’t be going .87 in most planes really. Certainly not the airbus aircraft in the sim.

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Ok what Airbus aircraft do you use the most.?

And here is something about step-climbing you asked earlier:

The A321 does have a know issue with “bobbing”, which is being looked at by the Devs. However I think you will find the main problem is your speed of 0.87. That’s too fast and will be the main cause.

The A320 family fly normally around 0.78 whilst the wideboidies are around 0.82. Use to help with your flight planning including speed, altitude and step climbing.

Well for me the a330 is awesome and A380 awesome plane image but I recommend having infinite passengers of course you have to have membership and also having trim the purple bar with nothing showing so very very stable
Then Takeoff when you think is right

Cheers, have a good Sunrise,Day,Noon,Sunset,Night

The A320 series tops out at 0.79.

Any faster and ANY kind of manoeuvre above 5 degrees AOB will have you in the buffet and then into high speed stall. At >30,000’, weight depending obviously, there are small margins for manoeuvre so keep it at 0.79 and you’ll be fine.

The bigger busses tend to top out at 0.86. Again, normal would be 0.82-0.84 range.

Remember the faster you go the closer you will be to the onset of buffet and super sonic shockwave loading. You also enter the regime where any small manoeuvre in pitch can lead to the onset of stall.

Have a look at the Boeing high altitude jet upset recovery video on YouTube (sorry, don’t have a link) to see just how small the margins really are!

Hope that helps.

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I had this issue on the expert sever yesterday from Paris to Moscow, my 777 hit a certain fix and just started going in circles. So not only airbus issues

Are you sure the aircraft did not miss the waypoint?
How fast were you going?
Try not to make sharp turns in your flight plan

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