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Hey, recently I took a small break from Infinite flight and decided yesterday to hop back on after a while, but after getting into a flight, coming into a short final i disengaged the AP and I had literally no control of the plane, could not pitch down or even turn left or right it’s like something is wrong with the controls, anyone that could help me I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


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Also I have heard of this happening before, do you you a joystick or controller or something else that you use while flying?

Make sure to recalibrate your device before landing / takeoff :)

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Before disengage the AP make sure you’re on a comfortable position and always Calibrate your device before Landing and TakeOff

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Whenever you disengage Autopilot make sure you calibrate your flight and if needed use trim. Also, if you were going too fast with flaps down (when autopilot is disengaged) sometime times your plane will pitch up. I always make sure I’ve done all of these so my plane won’t pitch up/down after I disengage autopilot.

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Try checking this post out! Hopefully it helps!

When auto pilot disconnects, there usually is about a one second. Where you may drop a couple feet, but if you’re calibrated correctly, and you were in the same position that you started your flight in, you should be good. For safety, I always re-calibrate my device before disengaging auto pilot. To do that, while in flight, go to the pause menu, and click re-calibrate


Alright I’ve got it working just after rebooting my device, everything is back working thanks everyone for the help!

That also happened to me. I enabled FPL A/P and it didn’t follow the flight plan set. Restart the app or wait until the next day.

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