Problem with flight radar 24?

Is there a problem with flight radar 24? Many photos of the planes are missing and several routes are missing on my device has anyone else got the same problem?


I believe this should be in RWA. I guess, if it’s not related to IF

In RWA We can talk about this…

That category is for interest in real world aviation. This thread is asking for support in the app.

In a RWA related app

Did you check your settings?

Could you elaborate more?

Sorry didn’t know where to put this post was just wondering if anyone else couldn’t get a real life photo of the plane when you click on the plane. Also when in the app it shows you where the plane is going from for example DXB to SFO.

I have the same problem with some planes. They just appear inthe house livery.


This may be just a glitch. Have you tried restarting the app or your phone? If neither of those options work try doing a hard reset.

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Maybe FR24’s database does not have a real life photo of the certain aircraft…

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That’s exactly what I have it is rather annoying. Oh well.

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Have restarted the app and didn’t help but haven’t restarted my device will give that a go.

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I hope it works!

Maybe they’re changing back to…

…better choice than jetphotos…