Problem with download all the aircraft

I just subscribe the infinite flight pro but I can’t see the airplane in live. I think it is because i did not download all the aircraft. Anyway is there anyway to download it but not download one by one by choosing the skin and play it in live?


All you have to do to fix this problem is to go to settings and change your aircraft count to high or very high.

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Have you enabled Automatic Download Over Cellular Data?


The planes are designed to download on demand as they are needed. It is not possible to pre-download them other than flying them.


The problem is I already set it to very high

What camera view are you using? Planes only appear when you get within a certain distance of them.

You could try zooming in on the map more - if you’re too far out on zoom, it won’t show any.

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You can only see aircraft within a few thousand nm radius.

The plane is just beside me or at the same airport but what can I see is just a white bracket with their name upside

Have you done this if you are on Cellular Data?

I think i already solve the problem. Thanks a lot. =)

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Thanks for letting us know, what do you mean, “I can’t see the aeroplane live”. If you’re talking about when you’re flying and all you can see are small moving squares. You might want to think about reducing the graphics and reducing your storage to cope with the platform. Previously, I had an Ipad mini 2, it would do the same thing, lag and crash most of the time. I would recommend saving up a bit of money and maybe updating to a different device to cope with these things.
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