Problem With Delta Check In

I booked a flight on Delta, and had to wait for today to check in and get seat assignments. So, when I went to check in, I proceeded as normal, but somehow it said that my seat would be assigned at the gate, and I was put on the standby list. Has anyone else experienced this before with Delta, and if so do you know how to fix it? Thanks! 🛫

I think if you book with delta saver (I’m not sure what its called but its the cheapest option to purchasing a ticket on the delta website) you don’t get a seat assignment until your at the gate.

Yeah, but why was I on the standby list?

Not sure, they wouldn’t give away “your seat” unless you chose the voucher option at check in.


It said I can assign my seat after check-in. It told me that my seat would be assigned at the gate.

Yup, that’s what basic economy is. You don’t get a seat assignment until your at the gate.

Stand by list?

I think that means your not guaranteed on the flight?? And the only reason you wouldn’t is because if you chose to take a voucher if the flight you’re on is fully booked. If not, you should be able to choose your seat at the gate.

I dunno, anyone else know what this is all about? Anyway, on other delta flights I booked basic economy and was able to choose my seats immediately. Did they change it?

Your flight may be oversold and you got the short straw.

Yeah, could be. Thanks for helping, though. Hope it isn’t. 😭

I know for the carrier I work with, if you don’t have a seat number, it means we don’t have one for you. You can always call Delta and ask what’s up.

I called 30-40 min wait time though, so I thought I would ask here.

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I booked it 4 months ago lol

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Delta just replied from the call, so it looks like I have seats. Thanks for helping everyone!

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Lots of the major airlines such as British Airways and Virginia have switched t o a new Check in server known as SKY. There are lots of teething problems at the moments which is why you couldn’t log in

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