Problem with community loading

I don’t know how, but somehow this happened

Device info-
iPad Air
iOS 10.0 public beta 2



Did you try refreshing the page?

Yes. It wasn’t this bad the first time. I refreshed the page and that came up. I was worried if I reset it again I might see the global flight update ;)

I also recently had a hard time getting through the safari I Aasio with chrome me it showed only a white screen

I opened a new tab, and it temporarily fixes the problem.

Try clearing out some of your cache.

Been there, done that. It doesn’t fix the problem.

I tried it did not help

Try restarting your device

Maybe it 9.3.3 Because Apple’s update

Get an Android phone.

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Wouldn’t be too bad would that? On a more serious note, I’ve got no idea what to do.

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@AR_AR NOoooooooo don’t say that !!! Don’t say thatttt


What marvelous advice.
I shall go and do that!😂

No I suppose not. But I couldn’t handle all the PM’s ;)

Safari will have some trouble running with iOS 10, because it’s a beta version. Also I found my name in the code lol.

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I saw your name! I was like, I’ve seen that name somewhere…

I saw myself on that second photo. I have had this same problem with the IOS 10 beta. Do you have another apple device running IOS 9 because if you do use that temporarily

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