Problem with changing day or night time

Hello, when I clicked on the “Time” button, these squares appeared, I’m not able to exit the “TIME” page and can’t even change the time!!Anyone else??

NEVER MIND it is solved =)

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Can you please provide some details?

  • Did you uninstall and reinstall?
  • What device are you on?

I recommend a few things.

  • Restart Infinite Flight (Clear it from your trey menu)
  • Reinstall the app

This could easily be happening because you just downloaded the update, or other reasons.

Let me know if this helps!

Hello, yes I did ReInstall cuz I had a problem with the A330, now it’s solved, but this Time page problem is still, I use iPhone XS and iPhone 7.

I did reinstall the app :/

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What are your graphics settings?

The highest one, even when I put on the lowest one, still.

If you double tap your home screen or go to the app overview does this help?

I don’t get your question :|

I’ll try reInstalling again.

Double push your home screen button so you see all the apps.

I can see them, what’s wrong with them?

your phone may have some sort of virus?

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I don’t think so :/ wait I just reinstalled it , I’ll recheck

NVM it’s solved =)

It’s solved now NVM

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