Problem with cellphone Nexus4

Good afternoon, i try to fly with my NEXUS 4 but the Infinite Flight closed alone in varius moment.
Please do you have a solution?

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Hello! 👋 in order to better help you we need the following:

-Device OS
-IF Version

And have you tried a delete and reinstall? Or a full power down then power on about five minutes later?

You don’t need to wait five minutes. Maybe a couple seconds just to make sure that the phone completely shut down. When the phone is turned off, it’s not doing anything. Why wait 5 minutes? ;)

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Hello! Thank you for contacting support.

Try clearing some Memory or cache, and report if it works.

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In the last update to Android 5.1

Is your phone Android 5.1?

He’s most likely running the pre-Global version. Still eligble to get some help ;)


He has the minimum requisit for Global.

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Wow, it actually does. Did not expect that.
It’s a pretty old device, as you probably already now.

I recommend turning the graphic settings down, and restart your device before starting a flight. That should improve your experience.


Can you check your WiFi connection? I don’t know why that would affect crashes, but check it out.

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Connection with wi-fi its ok.

Have you tried looking for an update for Google play? Then see if IF will update?? Are you signing in ok in IF??

IF : Infinite Flight, sorry if I caused confusion.

I reset the cellphone for factory config and closed 2 times today. 1 - when the download the aircrafts 2 - I maked a test Flight of 30 min and closed in 15 min after departure.

How are you graphic settings? Storage on device?

Ah I have had that problem before! I just deleted some apps cleared out some storage and that cleared up the memory(RAM) Do you have a micro as card in your phone? If not definitely consider it.

Ooh, how lovely. I’ve seen a few reports now of people with 32Bit devices. Just keep your graphics settings on IF at minimum and hope for the best.


I tryng to fly in minimuns graphics in low is not Very good.

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Hi guys i tryng to fly with all graphics in low and he closed again. He has Android 5.1 and OpenGL 3.0 equal my another cellphone a Lenovo Vibe K5