Problem with Boeing 777(-300ER) fuel load

Yesterday I made a flight from Christchurch to Singapur (flight time of 10 hours and 24 minutes).

So I load a fuel amount for 12 hours (10.24 flight time + 1.30 reserve fuel) as it was explained on this forum.

But 200nm before landing i ran out of fuel (2% - fuel for 20 mins of flight), so I had to end this flight before I arrived.

I don´t know what the problem is because I made this flight with many other aircrafts (A380, B787, A340) and I never had a problem with fuel!

I would be happy about every answer!


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That’s pretty weird.

What were the wind conditions like, and how long was your actual flight?

Note that fuel timings are just an estimation, and don’t really factor in climb and descent!

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My actual flight time was to the “log out” point 9 hours and 12 mins I think

And the wind came from behind

Odd. Did you use simbrief or simular to generate the flight plan? And if you did so, did you follow all the recommendations on speed, flight levels etc? Did you trim the aircraft at all?

I use “flight plan database” to generate my flight plan an “fuel-planner” to calculate my fuel

I never used trim before (because I did not get a problem)

I climbed to FL340 and had a speed of M 0.88

Try to stay at around Mach 0.84 in the 777s as this is their most efficient speed. Also at what vertical speed was your initial climb? And did you step climb?

Oh, could that be my problem?
I had a vertical speed of 2000 until 28000 feet and 1000 to FL360.
(no step climb)

  • but on other aircraft I did this “steps” as well with no problems on fuel

Which is correct?

You have a few issues here, the fuel estimate doesn’t factor in aircraft weight.

  • If you were heavy then your fuel won’t get you as far.
  • as said above M0.88 is too fast, assuming you had a high weight you should have been at about M0.80 for a while, gradually increasing speed to M0.85.
  • either height you mention above is a fine cruise altitude for the 777, however step climbing is essential so as your weird drops, your speed and height increase. If you are unsure on how to do it properly, visit #tutorials where you will find the answer to your questions.

You should also check out this tutorial on using trim.

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Mach 0.88 is a bit fast,if you dont carry extra fuel it should run out of fuel

Okay! Thanks for the answers to all of you.
But I have one more question. When I fly slower with my aircraft. And I am on criuselvl, then the nose of my airframe goes up and the tail goes down (so that the aircraft does not sink because of the lower speed)

Is there any way to solve this?

Aircraft fly nose up anyway, particularly when heavy. Anywhere between 2-5° up is healthy. That’s why step climbing is so important, if you’re near MTOW and you climb right up to 360 then you’re planning to fall out the sky. Try stopping the climb around FL300-330 and then increase your height as the weight falls off.

and how can I recognize that the nose is only 5° up?

5° is the first notch on the hud above the horizon line.

Here you go. And read links Mags provided.

If your throttle (N1) is at 100% or above the whole flight you are probably too fast too heavy and too high


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Okay! Thank you!

No more questions!

Many happy landings ;)

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If you do have any more, don’t be afraid of just asking away bud


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