Problem with Auto Pilot

After 20.1 I’ve noticed A/P is more weird than ever, during my descent (noticed on 772 and A320) as I extend flaps to max degree during approach, aircraft gains altitude and then dives down before it comes back to its configured VS.

For example I’m on left base at 5000 feet descending at VS -800 at a speed of 180 kts; as I extend flaps to final position aircraft will pitch up to a VS +500 and then drops to VS -1200 before it settles down, have to disengage auto pilot and hand fly it as it ruins my final approach.

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Flaps are meant to increase the surface area of the wings to provide more lift at slower speeds.

If you extend it like that, it’ll provide a great amount of lift, causing the autopilot to counteract it, and it goes on and on.

Left base is too far out to have full flaps. Try extending them to full at around 6 miles out!

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Also 180kts is too fast for FLAPS FULL. Normally you would go FULL around 150kts. That’s why you pitched up - from the extra lift.

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I understand, this starts to happen with flaps 25 degrees or flaps 3 settings itself, before I slow down even more.

Usually I extend to flaps 25 degrees or flaps 3 at 180 knots and once on final, slow down further to 150 with gear down.

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