Problem with ATC

Hi guys, I am new to the IFC and I am a IF pilot fron Hong Kong, in couple minutes ago I hv got ghosted by the ATC while I am doing a flight from CAN to HKG with and FedEx MD11F, I was requesting for Pushback but I don’t get response, then I request for a few times afterwards. However at last I recieved a report with got ghosted, and downgrade to Grade 2 from Grade 4. And the ATC at CAN was “IFATC Insideflight”.

Could anyone help me create an PM for me and him in it ? Thanks a lot


Hello Arthur 👋

@DimitriB was your controller. He should send you a PM after seeing this topic explaining why you got ghosted (or if it was a mistake and withdrawing it).

Good luck!


Yeah ofcourse it’s a good news for all !

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Thanks everyone!