Problem with ATC.

Hello! May someone help me?

Some times when I am for example approaching, I contact tower on final, and Tower clicks on “On guard message” so they tell me that I am on active airspace and I should contact Tower, but the problem is that I already contacted it. So I guess Tower doesn’t detects when I contact it, so I call inbound and they don’t answer. They just keep saying that I have to contact tower while I already did.

Another problem is that today, when I was contacting Ground frequency I was requesting for taxi and they didn’t answer. They answered other pilots but not me.

I don’t have any connectivity problem as all the System Status are on green.

Also, when I am ATC some times an airplane asks me for pushback for example, but I cannot give him clearence as it is not blue, the plane is white and it says “Unknown”, so he keeps asking for clearence but I cannot contact him.

Does someone knows what’s the main problem?
Thank you in advanced,


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You were likely unknown to the controller.

Did you exit the app at any stage?

When you are ATC, that’s basically what is happening to other controllers when you are flying. Are you sure you have a strong connection?

Yes, I am sure. Maybe I left by accident some times, or I locked my smartphones. Is that the reason?

Yes that can cause it. Avoid doing this because that’s the result of it all, good luck in the future.

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What server where you on for each scenario? Also, have a look at this. :)

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