Problem with ATC connection

Today while I was on approach to knuc I was connected to the tower, I felt all his instructions, but he kept telling me that I was not connected, I tried several times to reconnect and disconnect myself but to no avail, I meant to ATC that was not my fault

Were you on Wi-Fi or a cellular service?

In fact this problem got three people You and also Air Berlin and I do not remember the third person . I do not know what is the reason sorry about that

I am in wifi but very strong,is not a connection issue…

You notice that at the end i go around?

Yes, I saw it . Do not worry I’m not a ghost you . cuz this problem with everybody > Got me yesterday this problem and Control ghost me

l also have the same problem today.And l am reported by the ATC of APP in WMKK. l hope him/her could see this.And l am sorry about it.

Contact ATC pm and resolve issue with him

Don’t stress. I don’t know the source of the issue but I drifted in and out of connection twice, when it was very busy at WMKK. Could just be the servers, but again I have no idea. My WiFi was working fine, I had it’s performance streaming to my phone (live time)