Problem with ATC Camera

I have a problem with the camera « ATC » when i’m at the tower or at the groud and i zoom the camera turn non stop.

We would like to know the following:
Device Name
Operating System
Infinite Flight Version

as for the ATC issue, what I would do is just leave ATC and go to a different camera and return, should fix the issue
or just double tap the screen.

You can make a video, unlist it, and share the link here

This has happened to me, change the camera position then go back to the one you were using and it should be fine.

Thanks for your email.

I’m not sure, if i understand all. And sorry for my English
Device name : Noah Maendly
Operating system : Google connections or Ipad
Infinite flight version : Pro (global)

The issue with the camera is always when i go on the ATC.

I send you a video of the problem later.

Best regards

Noah Maendly

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