Problem with ATC at EGKK

Hello everyone, so I was doing a regular approach to Gatwick when I contacted Tower and announced inbound. I followed his instructions but when I was about to enter final he told me to contact Approach so I did but when I contacted Approach, he told me to contact Tower, and when I contacted Tower, I was again instructed to contact Approach so I ended my flight to avoid getting ghosted.

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Do you remember who the controllers were? Best to send them a PM for inquires about what they meant.


EGKK is currently open on expert, but possibly also in the Training Server. Do you remember what server this was on?

its on expert as he said he didnt want to get ghosted

That’s right, my bad. I know who’s controlling, I’ll let them know about this. Thanks!


Experts are human too. Sometimes it’s a miscommunication. No need to end your flight :).

I just screen video record my expert flights just in case there’s a misunderstanding.

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