Problem with app crashing

I’ve had the app crash on me three times in the last ten minutes. Twice I went onto KSAN centre to control, and it crashed. Then, I took off out of KNUC, and contacted atc and then it crashed again.

iOS 9.3.4
Latest IF version
iPad Air 2


This should be in #support

iOS 8.4 no issue.

What device?

iPad Air 2

There are tips when you press fly, it says to keep your device fresh by restarting it every once in a while

Okay, I’ll,try that.

A lot of the IFATC controllers (myself included) have had weird issues, so it may be a server problem. If not, try the usual: check connection, restart/reinstall the app, and restart phone.

Okay, thanks. I’ll se if it works well now. 🙂

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