Problem with A350

I just asked you about the situation :) What did you put your VS on?

What route were u flying/how heavy were you?

How do you know what the throttle is of IRL flights?

Take a look at this 350 flight. The VS is constantly changing with their speed. They are only going to FL390. It took them a good 25 minutes to get to cruise. Honestly I think IF pilots tend to climb too quickly.


I usually descrease to 1500VS (or 2000VS when im light) whenever im going to FL330-390 (maybe 1000VS into FL410-420)

I’m pretty sure you were just too heavy. Remember, many aircraft are flying with pretty low loadfactors right now. The plane you were looking at was probably flying pretty light, thus why it was able to climb higher and more quickly.

Also, I don’t think 84% throttle is abnormally high; seems about right to me, and could probably be increased further.

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Hey check out this awesome topic I made about this exact same thing:

I can’t say what VS I was climbing with since it was always changing. I adjust it to keep the throttle around 80%. When I passed FL340 I was climbing with 300fpm and 86% throttle. This is my issue. I climb with a low VS but my throttle is still very high.

I’ve actually been able to climb directly to FL430 after takeoff by keeping passenger numbers low, keeping up with realism, and cargo low as well. The great thing about the A350 is that the fuel that you input is also quite accurate, unlike other aircrafts like the B747. So try to keep only about 1/2 hour worth of extra fuel while maintaining low pax/cargo loads

I take the same number of pax as on the real flight. I don’t take low pax.

Right but on certain flights, like AY132 mentioned in my topic above, the realistic pax load is less then 100. This particular day I believe it was around 85

Low pax load = lower cargo loads = better fuel efficiency/reservation

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Um, I was flying with Lufthansa and they have 319 seats on their A350 so I took 319 pax.

Again, realistically, just because an aircraft had 319 seats doesn’t mean all 319 seats are filled. 100% passenger loads are rare on international flights, especially in business/first class


Airlines always try to fill up their planes to the max.

Bruh that doesn’t mean that there was 319 PAX on that flight.
Nearly all flights at the moment are flying close to empty so that’s why you see a lot of aircraft climbing all the way to FL390, 410 straight away on FR24 or FlightAware.
I expected you to know that since you’re known as the king of realism ;)


What are you basing this off of? How do you know your throttle is high? It could be very normal while climbing depending on weight. I think you are focusing too much on the throttle amount as it is just one of many things to balance out.

Flights aren’t usually full outside of the peak seasons (e.g holidays, summer/winter breaks), usually pre-COVID you can expect it on 75%-80% load on average or maybe lower depends on the airline and the route. But yeah it’s pretty rare to see flights to be 100% filled unless it’s a high demand route. For COVID level I think like @Aniket_Joglekar earlier said, the load factor on long haul routes are pretty low at around 0-20% (So yeah around 0-early 100ish passengers at maximum)

Most of the flights you see that climb to FL390/FL410 are most likely to be filled at maximum 60% load of passenger seats/cargo load. So yeah, if you reduce the passenger/cargo load you can reach those high altitudes

In the climb to cruise tutorial it said you have to keep your throttle at around 80% during climb. The problem is that my throttle goes as high at 85% during climb. Of course, I reduce my VS to to maintain around 80% but there comes a point where you simply can’t climb higher without your throttle doing as high as 86%.

The tutorial is not meant to be an exact thing. Depending on plane configuration and conditions 85 is fine as long as you are doing a realistic VS.

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In that case what would be considered as too much throttle? If I use 86% throttle for takeoff it would be logical to not use more throttle than that for climb.

It depends on your configuration. What are you climbing at? Is AP speed set? if so what to? etc.

Pilots IRL will often adjust the VS to maintain a certain throttle/speed/n%. It sounds like you may be climbing too fast as others have said. Again it is all dependent on a number of factors.