Problem with A350

So yesterday I tried doing an A350 long haul and I climbed to FL360 as my initial cruise altitude. However, my throttle was abnormally high (around 84%) and they climbed to this altitude IRL too. My question is, how come that IRL they can climb to this altitude immediately after takeoff if they are heavy? On some flights they even go as high as FL410 after takeoff and it’s impossible to do this in IF. I want to know why this is the case since on almost all flights they cruise above FL350 as their initial cruise altitude.
I always take the most realistic weight possible so I don’t see why that would be an issue.

Do you know the step climbing method?
A tutorial can be found here.


I want to know how they do it IRL since I always go off of that.

They use the step climb method.


It is difficult to get to FL 360 or FL410 with a VS rate of 2000. You need to decrease your VS rate to get to this level. Another method is that already mentioned above. With this method you go to your flight level in steps. You can choose which of the two to use.

If you mean something else, just let me know :)


But they go straight up to FL370 after takeoff and I can’t do it in IF. Why is that? And of course I reduce my rate of descent but my VS is still high.

How low do you get your V/S to by the time you get up there?

If you are heavy and then increase at a high VS rate, problems can arise. A simulator is also not like reality. The planes react differently :)

About 300fpm but my throttle is very high by that point.

If you use any of these tricks, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just use half of your VS rate :)

I do that and by throttle is still high. I reduce my VS progressively throughout the climb. The problem is you reach a point where your VS is very low but your throttle is very high. And that’s my problem

Can you describe your problem a little more? What FL are you at, what percentage is your throggle at and what is the VS rate?

Everything is explained in my post. I tried climbing to FL360.

Yes, but 3000 VS is just too much for this plane. Just try 1000-2000 VS. Let me know how it looks then :)

I reduce my VS throughout the climb to not let the throttle go too high. Trust me.

I just asked you about the situation :) What did you put your VS on?

What route were u flying/how heavy were you?

How do you know what the throttle is of IRL flights?

Take a look at this 350 flight. The VS is constantly changing with their speed. They are only going to FL390. It took them a good 25 minutes to get to cruise. Honestly I think IF pilots tend to climb too quickly.


I usually descrease to 1500VS (or 2000VS when im light) whenever im going to FL330-390 (maybe 1000VS into FL410-420)

I’m pretty sure you were just too heavy. Remember, many aircraft are flying with pretty low loadfactors right now. The plane you were looking at was probably flying pretty light, thus why it was able to climb higher and more quickly.

Also, I don’t think 84% throttle is abnormally high; seems about right to me, and could probably be increased further.

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