Problem with A319

For some reason I can’t climb to FL390 with the A319 even though i’m below maximum landing weight. I’ve never had this issue before so what’s going on? I already checked and my flaps, spoliers and gear are all up.

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What is your weight exactly? (In lbs please)

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I only have it in kgs. It shouldn’t matter as I’m below MLW anyway.

Ok what is it in kgs? <MLW almost never means that you can go almost to the service ceiling

60 tons or 56% load is my weight.

You can switch it from Kgs to lbs in weight and balance settings

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I told my weight above.

How much fuel do you have currently?

29% remaining.

Your cargo load is way too high from the looks of it. You probably won’t get higher than FL370. Maybe do 500-1000 kgs of cargo, both for realism, and for better weight

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I’m below MLW. There shouldn’t be any issues.

Again, MLW or not has nothing to do with altitude. It just means that you can land

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I took 4 tons of cargo which I calculated using the number of pax and baggage allowance for the airline.

Cargo weight is included in the passenger weight afaik. The cargo slider is for extra airline/third-party cargo

Uh how does that make sense? Passenger weight is the weight of the passengers (humans only).

Usually 55 lbs are added to the weight of a passenger for their cargo. The average person doesn’t weigh 251 lbs, but with their cargo, they likely will.


So basically the cargo weight is only the actual cargo? Is the baggage weight included in the passenger weight for all planes?

I’ve looked at the single passenger weight for every plane in IF (except cargo aircraft) and I can say that that is correct.

Oh…ok…that explains Simbrief giving me low cargo amounts.

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When we say “luggage” do we mean just the hand luggage / carry on. Or does that 55lbs include the hold luggage?