Problem with a report because my screen is lagged

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if this topic is right here.
As a pilot I have rank 3 I had never had a report, today making some flights, they gave me a report, but the problem with this report is that just as I was taking off, my screen of my phone froze for a few seconds and I they gave a report at that moment and that made me go down to rank 2, I do not know if there is a way to clarify this matter but it is very unfair to have a report for the simple fact that my phone is laged.
I wait for the response of some moderator to see if there is a way to clarify this matter.
Greetings and let everyone have happy flights

Might I ask what device you have?

Do you know who way your controller? If not, just go to your Logbook and you will find the name of the person who reported you. After you do that, you can create a PM with that particular person and a moderator and attempt to solve this unfortunate issue

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Moto G5 Plus
it’s the first time I have this problem

Ah okay.
As @Plane-Train-TV said, check your logbook to see who the controller was.
Main Menu > Logbook > Click on the flight with the report. Would you mind sharing that with us?

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he says he did not follow the instructions of the ATIS, but I took off for RW 05 in MMMX and the ATIS said that the RW 05l and 05R were enabled for takeoff and landing, that is, I never stopped following the instructions of the ATIS

@Trio is the controller. Please PM him and add a moderator and you can discuss your unfortunate report there. I wish you the best of luck!


Please message the controller by clicking on their name and clicking on Message. Thanks!