Problem with 787 on apple

Hi guys! today i went to join the Friday night flight in soflo region, and there was no 787, in the menu!!! I have live+ and so i have very region and plane, and just yesterday i flew the 787! someone plz help me!!!

ipad 2nd generation
i have fast internet 5g

HELP ME!!! :(

This has been already fixed. Please re-update your game.


The hotfix had an issue and removed the 787’s. The hotfix was updated and now if you update it, it will be working again.


ok thx just looked in the app store before u said that, and saw the update, updating now!!!

ok thx :) just fixed it

Hello. Please learn to read a few titles of topics on the front page before posting. Thanks!

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sorry again, there were no topics talking about this, again sorry :(

Not an issue any longer. Make sure you search a little bit before posting.