Problem with 737-700BBJ and A318-100ACJ range

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So today, I went to start planing a long haul with a private jet, I was looking at doing it in an ACJ or a BBJ, and went to adjust the fuel, and there isn’t even a posible way to have more than an 8hour range!

I know for the BBJ, that the BBJ has much longer range than a regular 737-700, and is capable of flying for 12-13 hours plus. (Not sure if same for ACJ?) so can we fix this please? Especially when the citation 10 has an 11+ range.


This is because they are on the same model as the commercial A318 and 737. If you fly them with a business type load, say 10 or so Pax and low cargo, you will greatly extend the range, likely close to those long 10 or so hour flights.


No, I had 13 passengers in both, go try it yourself. And even if it did have the commercial version, it would still have longer than a 6 hour range.

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That fueling in the w/b screen is not 100% accurate.
I suggest you do a flight in both with realistic measurements and get back to us. I guarantee it will be more realistic.


I agree with Kevin. I used the A330 for a long haul with max fuel (About 12 hours). When I woke up, 8 hours passed and I was at 8 hours of fuel left.


Instead of asking a question and arguing the replies. I have used the A318 ACJ to fly from Heathrow to Cancun which was around 11hours 30 (roughly).

That guestimate you see on the pause screen is exactly that, a guestimate based on an average weight, cruise altitude and zero wind. It isn’t accurate and shouldnt be believed - you can alter it by a huge amount with correct flying practises, trim and a good tail wind along with lighter loading weights and if you really need to - a stop on the taxiway before take off to top off the tanks (depending on your taxi time - not recommended).


737-700 BBJs can only fly for example: Sydney to Tokyo that’s 7,800 kms.

The A318 ACJ can only fly around the low 7,000s (7,300-7,400).

As said above, the jets aren’t designed to be flown with 3000lbs of pax, and cargo shouldn’t be dramatically high either. Unless you have your pet elephant in the cargo bay 😜

Also, the range on aircraft at the moment isn’t perfect. Meaning, it’s not accurate. I’ve spoken to mods who beta test and they said that currently not every aircraft has accurate fuel burn or range…

And the range provided in the UI is estimated as said above.


The fuel burn figures given are just estimates. I was getting about 4400 lb/h earlier today on the A318. Keep your passenger and cargo low and you should be able to go far.

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