Problem with 5 paintings on A339

I don’t know if more than one post is allowed per day on support, but here we go, going here to report a problem I noticed after flying with TAP’s A339 and watching Dan’s live with Azul, I noticed that the masks were many different. So the A339 mask is with two different models, only one of which is correct, I looked at all 17 liverys and only 5 of them have this problem.

Air Belgium
Air Mauritius


Very well observed @Gabriel_f !
I’ve also noticed these differences. Unfortunate none of the beta testers have noticed this, many things go unnoticed by them and when they launch, we appear these flaws.

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I was most likely due to a designer on the Infinite Flight team that had those 5 liveries assigned and used the wrong mask on the windshield, no worries but definitely something that should be noted.

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yes that can be it, I don’t see it as something impossible to solve considering that there is a ready-made model

Not true :)
This inconsistency has already been brought up internally.

Oh, good then. I hope it’s fixed.

Already noted