Problem with 17.04.0


I’ve been playing IF for some time, im grade 3. I switched my phone to a diffrent one. I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini SM-G800F when i was playing IF on my old phone, global was working fine. When i go to IF on my new phone, it only shows IF 16.13.0 update on Play Store.

Have you tried the solutions provided on a topic linked below? Hopefully this solution can help you to get the latest version on your new phone 😊

If the solution provided above doesn’t work, this might be the answer why it wouldn’t work

I saw somewhere that the S4 Mini is not compatible with Global. Not sure if this applies to the S5 Mini as well.

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Nevermind my first comment, just found this. Unfortunately it isn’t compatible with mini version. We are really sorry for the inconvinience


Just to describe why it isn’t compatible.

The S5 Mini is equipped with a GPU called Mali M400. It was introduced in 2008(!) and only supports OpenGL ES 2.0. The Global versions of Infinite Flight requires OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher.