Problem while loading Moonshots

Hey there.
Recently i have been having some problems when i try to view the moonshots i have taken in IF. So basically, whenever i view the moonshots which have a zoomed-in image of the moon, the moon isn’t visible in the picture. This has happened many times. Any advice on how to change settings so as to make the moon visible when viewing the picture in the gallery? All my graphics settings have been set to high. Another weird thing that happened was that when i opened a replay file of mine (about 2 months old), the initial plane location came as that on the ramp but the location stayed the same throughout the entire time. The plane didnt move from its location. I tried reopening this file many times but the same result came. All that changes is the deployment of flaps and landing gears. Any clues as to it’s solution?

When taking a picture of the moon with built in screenshot feature, the moon will move. The time speeds up for some reason when taking a screenshot.

To fix this issue, just take a screenshot with your device and not with the built in feature.

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Ok…thanks a lot

Not entirely true. What I do when it happens is I let it move but before taking the picture I move the time forward and back to where it was and it’ll be in the spot I want when I take it via the built in screenshot function.

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Well even DeerCrusher does it the way I suggested :) I’d recommend you watch this tutorial @Siddhansh


Yea… I have seen it many times.

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