Problem while landing.

Hi there I have an issue with landing. For some reason when I am on my usual 200 fpm landing within 50 feet the nose goes up and I am not in decent but ascent. I am curious why this is. I want to gradually lose altitude and not gain altitude.

What is your speed? This usually happens with to high of speed

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You need flaps or this. It’s called flaring. You idle the throttle at around 5-20 feet and pull up slightly for a flare

You don’t need flaps to land. @Daniel14 is on the right track.

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What’s your speed as you land?

I’ve edited it about flaring

Maybe you have throttled up the engines too much. Try gradually reducing the throttle input, espexially when on short final.

When I am in my 737-900 I am going 130 knots.
A321 I am going 135 knots.
I do not want to stall it.

Your doing what is called ballooning. In other words your a little fast and pulling too far back on the yoke pull back slower and don’t let it balloon. If you start to balloon just push forward on the yoke a bit. As you slow down and gradually touch the runway. If you keep your eyes to the end of the runwaynit helps

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Flaring is basically a controlled stall. Watch this even though it isn’t infinite flight. It still helps.

So how much should my vertical speed be within 50 feet? Before that things look great. It is just the final 50 feet.

-500, -400 is what I do 50 feet above the runway

What ever you need to maintain. I wouldn’t worry about the V/S but just looking down the runway. Cut the throttle to idle around that point. Then look to the end of the runway. When the runway grows all the sudden in the windscreen begin your flare. Then just hold it off to the end of the runway until touch down.

I wouldn’t count on your V/S when upon touchdown. listen to the call outs of “50” “40” “30” for how high you are above the runway.

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Good news is that it works. I am currently doing short hops between BOS-JFK and one smooth landing.