Problem when i start

everything is going well, in the game interface everything is fine, just when I click on “fly” and after the loading screen, then after pressing the screen to calibrate the plane, the game once I get “crash”, I repeat again and the second time the game is all stuck (it is not lag), I already cleared the cache memory and desist and install the game, I do not know if it will be a problem of space in the mobile device or something else. I take help

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First, what device are you using?

  • Check your available storage
  • Clear your ram

I use Apple device, iPhone 7

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I have that as well.

What iOS are you using? Is your IF up to date? (Update)

Do you have enough storage?

No i dont update because i have only 2gb Free, my device is the 32gb

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Well that’s your problem. Free up some space by deleting unwanted photos and apps and then update it.

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So i need update to ios 13?

I am honestly not sure. I would wait for someone more experienced with these things to reply.


Which airport is this?

@Pirro_Bv for now, clear all unwanted things such as photos, apps, etc and then try flying again. That might solve the problem as I dont think 2Gb is enough.

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Ámsterdam Schiphol

Thanks buddy, all is good again 💯

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No, it’s not. Please do not spread information that is not true. Thank you :)