Problem when doing my event draft

The preview is different than the real result
The size of the words isn’t the same
I can’t write normal under the « Event details » title because it automatically writes in bold but in the preview it writes normal. Can someone help?

Simply add a line _____ in between the heading, and it’ll make it the normal text side.

Example 👇



No, I don’t want to do that because it won’t look normal

Could you try to reproduce this in a post. Reply to me here with the same format you are using. I will be able to take a look at the format and see where the issue is.

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But I can’t post the draft event

I can give you pictures

Copy & paste it and post it here, not as a topic, as a reply to this post.

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Here is what the draft looks like:

And here is the code:

As you can see the preview is different then reality.

You are not closing your center tag either. Make sure all your tags are closed.

Also add a line after the — and see if that helps


But I want everything to be centered, that’s why.

You still need to close the tag at the end. It’s hest practice

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But will that solve the issue?

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Try it. Add a blank link after the — and close the center div at the end of everything.

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Sorry, but it didn’t change anything

So you want to take this to a PM to avoid clogging up this topic?

You can add me to the PM, as Chris might be busy with other community stuff. If we find a solution, we will post it here.

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Add @Thomas_G I am about to take off and go silent for a bit.


Please, is someone able to fix this issue!

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