Problem tuning to ATC

I was flying just now on ES between CYYC and CYMM.
Faced this problem with tuning to ATC at CYMM (Both were active on liveflight)

I could not tune to ATC from the cockpit as the frequency was not active

Then I got an on guard from Tower:

The ATC was not active from cockpit so I checked in the map view if I could tune to ATC and only Ground active

I use iPad
Have been having disconnect issues for the last few days
Have rebooted iPad, cleared cache and rebooted router too


I had this issue before,restart your internet connection in the game.It may help

Edit:make sure you have continuous and strong connection

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Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

This is the last thing left … will try shut off and restart wifi on the iPad before I reinstall app
Unless a staff has a solution

Hmmm that’s werid, I was able to contact other aircraft after you so don’t know what it was so might of just been a connection issue

Yeah, you were ATC at the airport. Am flying to back CYYC right now after trying all the suggestions above except reinstall app. Will keep you posted.

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On final. All good with ATC APPR and TOWER … seem to be the reset iPad wifi
Thank you everyone

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On a side note, if you change your callsign to NORDO when you can’t connect to ATC, it’ll let the controller know you don’t have contact with them. Just follow the pattern. They’ll try to get a good space for you and let you smoothly finish the flight


Excellent advice thank you!
Did not know this special call sign!

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