Problem to open IF

Good morning, I was doing an early morning flight as usual and when I get up I notice that my Infinite Flight is closed. I reopened it and it said I couldn’t get the Statics so I restart my phone and now it won’t even open it. Hope it’s just beta issue

Am I right to say your app crashed upon startup? Are you on iOS? If not, could you elaborate a bit more?

Global Server Problems

Ok, I wake up and see that my IF closed then I try to open it again and I get a warning that I cannot fly since it does not load my statics. Then I restart my cell phone to see if it is not a problem with it, but when I tried to open IF, the home screen did not even appear

Do you have a screenshot of the error message?

Yes, i have

Could you upload it here?

Seems like a issue with the servers now:

Now i can open, thanks for yours help :)

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