Problem signing in with Google on IF

I have got IF recently and decided to sign in on the app. When I did do it the app stopped and closed. I gone on the website to sign in and it didn’t load. Can someone help? Thanks.

Try restarting your phone. If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling the app. Sounds like the standard IT support solution, but it mostly works. But if it happens also on the website and not only on the app itself, it seems to be a problem with your Google account or your internet connecttion.

Check if your Google account is still active and if your password was correct. Also, do a speedtest to check your connection.

Could you also provide some more information regarding your device? Find some more information about how to make a proper support request here:


Does this keep happening multiple times? Do you have strong internet connection?

I have strong internet. Will do staff you advised.

What device do you use?
If the app unexpectedly is quitting continuously, it might be a good idea to check your device browser settings so there aren’t any restrictions activated and that cookies are enabled.

When it comes to the website, the sign in function have been disabled pending a rework of the site.

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I got past the stopping when I restarted, it came up with try on our website. Any additional help?

I use a Moto C phone on Android 7.0

Are you able to login at with your account or is the login problem only showing up in IF and on their website?

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When you say website, which website specifically are you referring to? Do you have a screen shot of any error or blank page you are recieving?

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Didn’t say, will take screenshot. How do you send one?

Can’t login with


The fact that you can’t login on and this message mean that you have a problem with your Google account.

It’s probably that your login information is wrong. Check username and password. Maybe you misspelled something. Try writing the e-mail adress instead of the username.

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Ok, how to check it? Thanks for your replies

Have you already used your Google account before or did you just create one?

If you just created it and haven’t bought anything yet:
Create a new one. That’s the easiest option.

If you used it before:
Check your e-mails. Your Google e-mail adress is also your Google username. And if you don’t remember your password, click on „Forgot Password“.

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I just saw an answer from you in another topic.

Were you able to login before this problem occurred, or is it working now?

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I think we have too many things going on in this thread. Lets try to sort them out…

As @Marc said, you were able to log in and fly earlier. Were you using a google login there. You need to be using the same login that you used before.

We cannot troubleshoot your abiity to log into gmail directly. If you are unable to log into gmail directly on the website than something changed on your side that you will need to troubleshoot with google support. Chances are your password changed or you locked yourself out. Being locked out would prevent you from logging into google from Infinte Flight.


Issue resolved, thanks guys. Used other account and was fine. Sorry if I wasted your time.

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