Problem regarding Oceanic Tracks

Currently, I’m flying ORD-LHR. While I was planning my flight plan, only ‘Track A’ was visible for me, but suddenly in the middle of the Atlantic, ‘Track Z’ came up visible to me (which I needed). Is this a problem or it’s just the availability of the tracks?
Thank you!

The tracks are based off of what’s happening irl, so Track Z probably only showed up later on. It’s not uncommon to not see a track going one way or the other.


Tracks are traffic dependant, and in certain parts of the day there would be too little planes flying in one direction or another for the IRL organizations to bother about them. It’s just that IF released the tracks right at the time they are needed the least, so things like that happen instead of the familiar 3-4 tracks both directions


This is a bit off topic, but since the topic is about problems with NATs ill ask anyway.

Why did the Trk Z that was active around 16 hours ago start near Houston? Is it a glitch with two waypoints with the same name orr??

Yup, that’s exactly why. It’s a known issue, last time I checked.


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