Problem reactivating VNAV 23.3.1

Hi guys, I noticed a problem with VNAV in update 23.3 and I thought it would be fixed in the Hotfix, which didn’t happen.

I was descending with VNAV activated, then I deactivated it and set my manual descent to -1800vs
After that, when approaching the desired altitude fixed I reactivated the VNAV and it unexpectedly caused the plane to climb upwards, even with the VNAV activated showing -1800vs, after climbing to 0 Vs it descended again to -1800vs.

Device: iPhone 11
Operating system: iOS 16.7.1

in version 23.2.1, when deactivating VNAV during a descent and configuring it manually, and after reactivating it, the plane continues descending only by increasing the descent angle or decreasing it according to the desired altitude.

Yeah I thought this would be fixed also. Very annoying bug.

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Hey there!

Sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing with VNAV. I tried reproducing what you described and was able to achieve the same result. I have reported this issue internally. No ETA is given on fixing it, but rest assured it will not be overlooked.

Essentially, what’s happening is VNAV is attepting to level off and then resume the descent if the aircraft is already descending. You won’t stumble upon this issue if your VS is 0 and you engage VNAV.


exactly that, thank you very much!

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