Problem reactivating VNAV ( 23.3.1 to 24.1.1 )

Problem reactivating VNAV 23.3.1

Hello! This problem persists in the simulator and continues to be very annoying when clicking on VNAV.

  1. If you are level with [VS 0] and activate VNAV then you deactivate it. When you reactivate it on the descent to just change the VS as it was in the past but then when you click again the plane suddenly goes up and starts to descend again. It really bothers something that wasn’t supposed to be happening.

Hey there!

Unfortunately, there is no update on this issue at this time. There may have been higher priority issues to fix for the 24.1 release.

As stated in your previous topic, which you linked in your original post, the issue has been noted internally and staff are aware of it.