Problem on the expert server

Hi everyone, for about half of my flight, I was disconnected from the live server. My wifi was great and everything is great except the live server, what can I do?

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At what point did you lose the connection?
Did you exit out of the app at any point?

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I didn’t exit the application, I just swiped up to check the time and when i swiped back down to the app, I lost connection.

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I’ve found that even checking the time pauses the game, which can interrupt your connection to the server. Usually it reconnects, but that is not always the case.

Anything that you can do to avoid pausing the game helps greatly in preventing you disconnecting from the server.


So there is nothing I can do now? I am in the middle of a flight

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Sometimes you can reconnect by exiting out of infinite flight [Or turning on airplane mode] for about a minute and then attempting to re-connect.

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  1. you received some calls during the flight because also the calls can be disconnected with the server
  2. Was he connected in an active ATC and did not notice?

I did not get ghosted or anything, and i wasn’t in an active airspace

Make sure that:

  • You had a strong internet connection
  • You were not reported/ghosted
  • You did not receive violations, causing you to jump down a grade and disconnect from the server.

Could you give us more info?
Was the check mark transparent, or was there a red attention symbol?

Reported, Ghosted/Violations resulting in jumping down a grade = Transparent Check Mark
WiFi not working = Attention Symbol (red)

Did you try resetting your router? (turning it off and on)
Did you try restarting your WiFi on your device?
Did you receive any message, calls, etc. which caused the app to go out and into the thing that was distracting you?

Hi, my wifi was great, no violations or ghost, everything was green (weather, API server…) except the live server. I restarted my router, and I even changed the wifi. I ended the flight and tried to do another one but the live server kept coming and going. And it was annoying as I couldn’t receive the ATC instructions.

Do you have more active applications with lots of memory on your device?
if it is not that I try with:

restart the device

uninstall IF

inside infinity flight go to settings> general> down all, clear cache
Did you try this?

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