Problem on Live - all aircraft disappear and I cannot communicate with ATC


I have been having this issue a couple times a week where all of a sudden, all aircraft (besides me) will disappear from my screen and map. When this happens I also cannot hear or speak to ATC. It still knows where there’s live ATC - showing green on the map and menu - but when i try to say something to them, nothing happens.

This can happen at any time during flight and lasts 1-3 minutes. Then suddenly all aircraft reappear and I can talk to ATC again. A few times it has happened on Expert server when I am in Approach traffic or on Final and I have had to end the flight for fear of reappearing out of sequence and being Ghosted (I assume I am invisible to other traffic when this happens).

Does this happen to other users too? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? You would think a bad connection on my end, but the indicator in the top right stays green when this happens. Also I have excellent Internet service and have never had connectivity/streaming issues with any other media.

Thank you in advance for any helpful information!


If this happens often, it is probably a problem with your connection (even though the app shows a good connection). Try restarting your router.


Probably just another bug that will be fixed when “Global” comes out. That’s what they have said for the many other bugs…

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That happened with me, restart your device.

Happens to me too. All I do is open my multi task and click Infinite Flight again so it can reconnect.


It’s not good to speculate. Especially on a support topic.

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It’s true. “Global” is not even in Beta testing yet, and there are more than 3 bugs, that will be fixed when “global” comes, out. Which will be in like 2020!


Oh my gosh…some people 🙄.


It’s true, when you compare infinite flight to other sims like Aerofly, aerofly beats it. Aerofly has 3D buildings, and better graphics that’s IF. The on.y thing holding me back from switching to them, is the lack of planes, and multiplayer. Other than that they have IF beat. And, I know it’s hard for the mods to do stuff. But 1 update every like 4 months?!? That’s just unexceptable. Especially when the update consist of 1 new plane. And Global has been in the making for close to 2 years now. Shouldn’t take that long.

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Have you tried snapping your fingers? That always makes devs release an update. And it’s not even close to two years either, check your facts before, it’ll help.


Unless you want to put in the work FDS does, 🤐


I put in more work than FDS, I RUN A COMPANY!!! And I also am learning to fly. So you stay out of it thx…🤐

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It’s been a long time. Okay. To long for most people. Do not announce something unless it will be put within the yaer.

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Okay. PM me if you have any more issues.

Last time I checked, FDS is a company…
Not saying you don’t work, but FDS does plenty of work too.

Anyways, this is not what this topic is about. Back on track, please.

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Thanks for the support report! Sometimes this occurs with a brief loss of connection, whether on your end or in rare cases ours. It may take some time to reaquire all aircraft on the server.

We continuously monitor our servers and work to improve performance. Ensure you’re not multitasking on your device or closing to utilize another app mid session. Please feel free to PM me anytime if you have further issues!