Problem of new UI

It appears more than three servers on the ATC page… But all of it leads to the correct page though.

This is the way it was before - you could select any server but it won’t let you control any server. I agree this isn’t ideal for now but it’s not “broken” per se. Thanks for the report nevertheless!


!😊 thanks!

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Actually I misinterpreted your issue sorry - does an app restart solve this?

Ah not quite. Occasionally there are still five options appearing. The repeated options also leads to the corresponding choice though, it’s just the problem with presenting 5 choices when wanting to choose

I had this issue also but it was fixed. It happens when you click the server selection quickly and it only works one time after an app restart. (How it was for me)

Yes true, but for me this problem appears randomly (not only after app restart)

I wasn’t able to repro again. Using an iPhone 10 iOS 15.4.1 and IF 22.3

iPhone 20?🤔

Im the Apple CEO lol I mean iPhone 10 sry

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