Problem/Missinterpretation with ATC on the Advanced Server?

Friday night im flying from (im forget) to PHNY hawai region using A321 gulf air
25NM before dest i request ATC for inbound (DIEGO BERNAL was handheld) , but ATC said (aircraft to large for this airport) then im confused , imposinbble isnt 777 its only 321
PHNY standing airport 50% , then to prove it i request to go around and turn left heading to PHJH airport with 0% airport standing. And finnaly im landed in PHJH and no airport violation , clear
So whats problem witn ATC in PHNY ??

I have notified the controller. But something I noticed about your log, use go-around only when you are too high/cant make it to the runway.

You should have requested departure to the north (PHJH is to the north of PHNY).

i was confused , idk what should i do and because im on final and low altitude full flaps low speed

Announcing Missed Approach would have been more appropriate.

why miss approach ?? isnt miss approach , then runway is posibble to landing

Unless you are on final of course.

Although theoretically you should be allowed to land there, you can’t realistically. The runway may be able to inhabit you but with no sense of realism. Take London City Airport (EGLC/LCY) for example, it has a class Delta airspace (one ring; 50% standing required) but you can’t land an Airbus A321 ther, can you? You should even be able to land ERJ-195’s there because they’re too large for the airport. This is why I would like stricter rules on which aircrafts may use an airport.

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I land A320’s there :)

Well you shouldn’t. People who do it either don’t know, don’t care or think Inifinite Flight is a game.

A318 can we land?

Hi @bobsait:

First of all, I’m sorry that you had to divert to other airport, but on PHNY runway lenght is kind of short and on that specific day i saw 2 A321 landing and overshooting the runway ending in the grass. Plus, you have to back taxi in order to clear the runway for the incoming aircrafts… which in the case of A321’s was slow and really tight to make that backtaxi turn.

I tried using my best judgement on that incoming A321 wich in this case was you, i didn’t wanted you to overshoot the runway, but i see you landed safely at PHJH wich also has a small runway, so maybe it was just the Weight configuration on the others what took them to the grass…

Anyway, as they said up here… i TRIED my best to keep it realistic by just accepting small aircrafts such as A318 or A319.

Hope this answer your concerns, and sorry again for making you divert. :)


I believe phny generally serves prop aircraft. Rwy length of ~5000ft is much too short for most jets including the a321.


Yes, you can fly A318’s at London City. That is the largest plane that is certified to take off/land there in real life.

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As @SirMS said, you can fly A318’s to London City (otherwise how would we have our LCY-JFK flight?).


Hate to bring it to you but it’s a simulator and many of us want to follow real life procedures. If you want to play then that’s why those Devs spent all that time and effort making a Free Flight Server. In there you can do whatever the blinking flip you like, huzzah!

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Toby, keep up these rants. Better, and more interesting character to Netflix, all I need is my Popcorn and my Cola. ;-)

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Sorry, I’ve got an attack of the Monday morning grumps. :-)


Yeah, if you leave the Free Flight Server, good luck with saying that to people on the advanced server…

Who you gonna call? IFATC - Ghost Busted!! That would be so awesome for an IFATC Advert. LOL.


Yes you are. Very serious. Nary a smile cracked over in that direction.

Haud on… I’ve found your knickers, they appear to be in a bit of a twist.