Problem iPad battery not fully charging


I’d like to report a problem I found when playing IF on my iPad Pro (12,9 inch, 2nd gen). After playing for a while when I put the iPad to charge it will stop charging at 97% battery like it were at max level. This is a problem I have only encountered after starting playing IF, I suppose it is then related to the game. If ever I restart my iPad right away it will show 99% or 100% battery. Has someone encountered this, is it related to the game or is it more an iOS problem?

I run the latest iOS version always.

I don’t know what the problem is but all I can suggest is that the iPad battery might need replacing

Solutions that could help

Hey these could be the factors

Replacement of battery required

Replacing the lighting to lightning USB cable


I don’t think that the problem would be from the game, I think this would just be a problem with the Ipad battery.

I do not know what problem, but I doubt that this related to IF is more likely that your ipad has some incompatibility and that will ensure this error

You are probably right. Weird since no other heavy apps create this problem and it is still relatively new. Will double check

This is not a battery fault of the IPad. This is simply because the IPad’s screen is so big, and there are so much processes going on that the charger cant keep up. I have the IPad pro 12.9” as well


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