Problem in live Server (expert)

Hi. I’m in flight to BIKF currently but I have a prblm. I’m disconnected from live server.I try a lot to switch on/off WIFI and on/of Cellular data but I’m always disconnected. I can’t have access to others planes and to ATC and I have to land in 1 hours. Help me plz

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Did you switch to another app during the flight?

yeah. But I do it sometimes for messages and normally I’m not disconnected after…

That’s why. If you switch to another app for too long you won’t be able to reconnect again.

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Why seriously ! Incredible from IF !!! There isn’t any solution ???

They do not recommend that you switch to another app during your flight. Sadly you cannot reconnect. I have tried before in every single way. I’m sorry.

Thank you for your help . it’s really bad on the part of the application like IF does not have to have such errors!!it’s shameful I find !!!


i dont think this is an issue with IF exclussively, it will happen with other apps, its to do with the operating system rather than the App.

If you have not got connection to Live Server there is nothing that you can do whilst in flight. Everytime that you come in and out of the app you reduce the chance of it reconnecting, so best to leave it in flight for reminder of the time.

However all is not loss, you may still get ATC on arrival, in which case all is ok. If there is Active ATC, but they cant here you, I would recommed that you divert to a close by airport and complete your flight there to avoid any possible confiusions or a possible ghost. Even with the live server saying its disconnected you are still likely to have the XP and landing counted.

good luck and happy landings


ATC and other pilots won’t be able to see you if you’re disconnected and you cannot see ATC and other pilots.

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I’ve gone out of the app to message someone and it had worked for me still.


It has to be something with the app itself. I’ve been having this same issue, and I don’t even have any other apps open. It’s weird! Hope it can be fixed soon.

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Ye it does work for a short amount of time.

I kind of disagree. Every time I have left the application ( accidentaly or for some reason ), The Flight pauses on the pause screen, it disconnects but, my flight reconnects back to the live server after pressing “continue” on the pause screen. My device is iPad Air 1st gen.

Have in mind that does not happen all the time. There is 50/50 chance on either continuing my flight or going back to the main menu after I leave for the sake of this reason.

Also, can you please state the device you are using currently in IF?

I simply use another device if I’m going to use another application, I don’t really like risking my flight


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